Selling with T.R.U.S.T.™ Online Training: Sales Management Series

The best sales people are goal-oriented and reward-driven. Give her a sales target and she will likely try to beat it. Pay him by full commission with added performance bonuses and he'll keep turning in jobs right to the last minute of the month. Post their results publicly and they will strive to get to the top of the list...and stay there.

On the other hand, even the best sales people can be a bit finicky at times. I don't say this as a criticism. Consider how thoroughbred horses are chomping at the bit and straining at the reins to get started on the race. The very characteristics that produce the relentless daily drive to sell every job can be a bit of a challenge to a manager. Get used to it. It's worth it.

Very few contractor managers have the time or experience to actively manage their sales persons. The consequence of this is lower sales and profits, as well increased sales person turnover. These are the essential sales management fundamentals that will help you create a goal-oriented, high-performance sales team.

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